Updates all around

Papa did not have surgery today. Apparently “they” wanted to run more tests. They did and he is now having quadruple bypass surgery tomorrow at 8am eastern time. 7 our time. I’m sure it will finish while I am in class. I will have my phone with me and I will get up and leave class to answer the phone when mom calls to tell me about it all.

Tonight Athena and Seth got hit by some idiot trying to make a left turn from the middle lane of a 3 lane street. Now they don’t have a car to drive home in and if they don’t ride home with me tomorrow they’re not going to come. That makes me sad. I want us all to be together for the holiday! We’ll see what happens. I was going to try to leave early to go make desserts all day with mom, but I have a prof who didn’t cancel classes and I have to stay for that. Boooo. Now, I might stick around and wait for them so they can come home. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

So I have plane tickets to go to NY for New Years. I’ve had them since the beginning of October. I’m such a freaking planner. I was hoping my buying tickets would make the other girls realize I was serious and buy theirs too. It didn’t work like that. Steph and Renata still live there…so I knew it would at least be the 3 of us. Wrong. Steph will be there but has no money to buy tickets to anything and plan the night in advance. This scares me and I’m afraid it won’t be as fun as I want it to be…but it’s New Years, it’s New York and they’re good friends. It’ll be fine, right? I’m trying to convince myself. Then, I found out Renata has the week between Christmas and New Years off, so she’s going back to Hillsdale. One girl down. Then, Amy decided to go to the Wisconsin bowl game in Florida. She wants to try to get a lond layover in NY, but I’m skeptical. Girl #2 down. (There are 5 of us.) Gaby is up in the air. She wants Brad to buy her ticket and she wants to stay for like 2 weeks. It kind of sounds like that isn’t going to happen. If he doesn’t buy it she’s not going to come. I say buy a ticket and come just to hang out with the girls…but it’s not up to me. No one else going made me think, maybe I’ll just stay in Texas where I know I’ll have a good time, I can miss less work, and don’t have to worry about drama. I can use the ticket another time. Then I talked to OPH, Terence and Steph. I think I’m going to go, let the planner in me freak out and try to be spontanious. It’s hard for me not to plan things. I just want things to be perfect and know that they’re going to be fun, you know? Maybe not. No one’s quite as obsessive about it as I am. I’ll stress if things aren’t all planned out. I guess I’m just going to have to go up there without a plan and let whatever happens happen. I’m afraid it won’t be fun because it won’t be perfect, but who am I kidding. I had a flipping amazing time all summer and we didn’t plan anything. I know it will be fun, I just need to be more optimistic and east going. SO much easier said than done for me. Whatever, I’m trying. I’m worrying, but I’m trying not to. School is going to be rough enough on me during the next 3 weeks. I’ll probably be writing a lot so as not to have to do all my homework that I really should be doing.

By the way, have I mentioned that I love New York and just want to move there now? Can I skip out on my last semester? Who really needs a masters in advertising? I wish.


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