Thanksgiving in Katy

Wednesday: 1:30 – Leave Austin
4:00 – Arrive at Mom & Dad’s and bitch about traffic
5:00 – Nap
7:30 – Wake up and start the new puzzle Mom bought
8:00 – Meet Mom, Dad, Curries and Brian at Willie’s for lots of beer and fried food
9:15 – Get home, watch a movie that none of us can remember now, hang out, work on food for
12:00 – Get in bed with a girl
Thursday: 8:45 – Turn off phone alarm
9:15 – Wake up to giggles, go downstairs, discover my parent’s 3 godchildren running around,
help mom with food.
12ish – Dad sat at my computer playing with my music and sang along to Baby Got Back. Mom
and I were at the sink peeling apples for apple pie when Uncle Robert walked up to the
window holding a hawk. A hawk! Everyone proceeded to rush out to the driveway. We
gawked and touched and held and then came back inside to continue making apple pie.
1:45 – Get bullied into washing my car. It still needs to get vacuumed out.
3:00 – Vacuum out car
3:30 – Peel, cut up, boil, mash potatoes, make green bean casserole
6:00 – Dinner 2 hours late with Mom, Dad, Brian (brother), Todd (Brian’s best friend), Athena,
Seth, Aunt Kay, Uncle Robert and myself. Quotes that resulted from out absolutely
innapropriate dinner conversations:
Uncle Robert: There’s a bitch in me just dying to get out
Todd: Go ahead and just let it out

Uncle Robert: All I can think about is how Jose Cuervo’s out there all by himself in the

Topics we discussed: How I was an unplanned pregnancy, my brother and my conception
(shoot me in the head), being felt up, gay bars, Todd sending Brian an email in junior high
threatening to blow up the school and how Mom called the FBI (she swears she didn’t know
it was him until tonight), and then we spent the better part of 10 minutes making music
with our wine glasses.
7:00 – Mom is doing dishes, Aunt Kay is working on my puzzle, Brian and Todd have left, U.
Robert, Dad and Seth are in the back yard with Jose.
8:00 – Grey’s Anatomy
10:15 – Drive back to Austin after confiscating lots of yummy food


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