Never a dull minute

Last night I met Sharen, Aarti and Juli at Houlihan’s for drinks. They had already started their first. I got one and they got a second. From there we went to meet Jana, Anne and the guys at Soho to say hi. We didn’t even get a drink there and then we were off to Cuba Libra. Yay for not staying on 6th street! On the way out the door guy stopped me. He’d been in Aldo last week with his girlfriend and remembered me. When he was there he told me I looked like Ali Larter…which I don’t. Anyway…to Cuba we went. As we were walking through we had some guys make bird calls at us. Wtf?!? We got a table, ordered drinks and hung out. Apparently we went out on guido night. I didn’t realize there were that many in Austin. Then some not cute guys sent their cuter friend over to us to tell us we were being anti-social. They walked up, asked if he was bothering us and decided to occupy the table next to us. We ignored them and they left after they finished their drinks. Something we decided while there…guys downtown are desperate. It’s sad really. I, however, am not considerate of this…I’m an ass to them with the best of them. After we finished our drinks we headed to Six.

When we were walking to Six Juli grabbed a cab and went home. When we got there the door guy told me I had the hottest shoes he’d seen all night. Hehe. Then we headed up to the roof and got a bottle of wine. We hung out for a bit, saw Jill, went downstairs, saw Jeff with a girl…random…made a trip to the bathroom where someone let one go and we lost it. Sharen had to go out in the hall cause she was laughing so hard. I just stayed in there and laughed with Aarti. Then we went back upstairs and decided to finish our wine and go. On the way out I had this black guy poke me on the arm. When I turned around he said, “I just have one question. Is yo mama black or is yo daddy black? Wait a minute, can you hold my drink for a minute?” *attempts to set it on my butt* I laughed and we left. I then sent it in a text to someone which prompted some texting that resulted in me pushing too much, him getting mad and now not talking to me.

From there we went to The Belmont. Again we went right upstairs and got a bottle of wine. I met a green beret who wanted to take a pic with me and talked a min about my brother being in the army. We then sat at a table and talked crap about all the funny frat-tastic guys. We left about 2 when the bar was closing. 3 indian guys came up and talked to us. We talked on the street with them for a bit and then headed home. On the way to my car I stepped funny on a curb, kinda twisted my ankle and fell down. Hello, I feel stupid. I have a big bruise on my knee now. It was good times. I like wine and I like Aarti and Sharen. I was upset on the drive home because of the guy who won’t talk to me, but I guess it’s out of my hands at this point. All in all it was a good night and I felt cute.


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