To do list:

-health abstracts (11 left) (goal: finish before class at 2) [DUE ASAP]

-20 page health paper [DUE NEXT WED OR SOONER]

-20 page photography paper [DUE THIS WED]

-portfolio ad critique journal (only 1 entry left) (goal: talk to someone about it in class and do it during MNF tonight) [DUE THIS WED]

-final portfolio (10 ads to go – they all take about 3 hours a piece to do correctly) (goal: have 5 finished by the end of tomorrow) [DUE FOR FINAL CRITIQUE NEXT WED – MUST HAVE ONE CAMPAIGN FINISHED FOR CLASS WED]

I hate the end of the semester more than nothing else. Maybe even pineapple. I think I’d eat a whole pineapple if it could get me out of this. All of you who miss school and wish you were still in it, remember the beginning of December, how you didn’t sleep, how you hated yourself for procrastinating and, mostly, how you hated your profs for making everything due at the same time and acting like their class is the only one you’re taking. 165 days until graduation (yes, I am counting)…and I will never have to do this again unless I decide to get a PhD and teach. The thought had crossed my mind before I began the pursuit of my masters. Now I say NO WAY!

Also to do this week:
-mail bridesmaids dress measurements out
-mail cable bill
-complain blog style about not going to NY for NYE *pout*
-clean up the mess I made making chili last night
-Doug & Jana’s bday dinner tonight (Monday)
-work 9-3 tomorrow
-AGC meeting tomorrow night
-class from 9-7 Wednesday
-work 9-2 Thursday
-Amanda’s Christmas party Thursday night
-work 5-10:30 Friday night
-Juli’s graduation party Friday night
-entertain brother all weekend
-work 12-5 Saturday
-Matt’s Christmas party Saturday night


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