Roses just like these are sitting on my table right now. They’ve been here to greet me since Friday. They’re beautiful and they smell good. They make me smile, but I think the man who sent them makes me smile more. Tonight he called me after his game and there were some people in the car with him. All I could hear was a girl in the background mocking me (or that’s what it sounded like). I don’t know who she was and I really don’t care. Just know that he found me, he persued me and I am not a groupie. “Oh, look at me, I’m talking to ____ _______, ooooh…” was all I could hear in the background. Irritating much. I can understand if she’s an old friend and protective, I probably would be too, but seriously? He called me. I didn’t call him. Oh well. I could have my story completely wrong and just be going on, but that’s the way it sounded.

Plus, I’m irritated because I’m running on no sleep, won’t sleep tonight, have so much to do and Papa is back in the hospital. He had quadruple bypass surgery the day before Thanksgiving, went home, wasn’t recovering well and is now in the hospital with pnemonia. Forgive my grumpiness.


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