You know it’s the end of the semester when you walk out of the building and see 6 people sleeping on benches/tables in the courtyard.

I have had 2 cokes, 2 redbulls and a double espresso.

I was walking down the drag and heard a lab sounding dog barking. It didn’t stop and sounded like it was getting closer. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Then a guy on a motorcycle with a little trailor being towed behind it drove by…and the barking went with it. The dog was stainding in teh trailor barking…at the wind? He (the man) had a white beard and was wearing a santa hat. I didn’t get a good look at the dog. There were Christmas decoartions all over the motorcycle as well as making the trailor into a mostly enclosed box. It was really funny. Santa’s supposed to spread cheer, right? Everyone he drove by ended up laughing. Haha.


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