New Years

So I’ve been telling people I wil explain why I’m not going to New York for New Years. I haven’t had time and really I don’t have time right now, but I’m going to explain. So I’ve been planning to go to New York for New Years since like September. The idea was for all the girls to go and to have a mini summer reunion and it would all be good times. Well…the idea slowly fell apart. Amy decided to go to Florida to watch Wisconsin’s bowl game…and if I were her, that’s what I would do too. Renata found out she didn’t have to work the week between Christmas and New Years, so she’s going home to spend time with friends and family. Again, if I were her, I’d do the same. If I lived in the city, I’m sure I’d love to get away and go see everyone I love. That left Gaby, Stephanie, and myself. Steph found out she has to work New Years Eve. Gaby has said she doesn’t want to be there unless she can spend her time with Brad. She doesn’t care where she is or what she does, she just wants to be with him. Well, I don’t want to spend my NYE following him and his friends around. I’m sure it could be fun, but it’s not my first choice of entertainment for the evening. Well, then Gaby said Brad was being “wishy washy” about buying her plane ticket. If I were him I would be too! She wants to go and spend EVERY WAKING MINUTE of 14 days with him. If I were him I’d be a little uncomfortable with that. I’d want her to have her own life and her own friends and to do her own thing sometimes. Independence is the way to go. I’d pretty much decided once Steph told me she had to work that I wasn’t going to go. I’d still go if OPH asked me to spend the night with him, but he’s not going to. Anyway…she apparently didn’t like the combination of him being indecisive about her trip and me pushing her for a decision…so she just said she’s not going. That’s fine. Whatever. I don’t want to go hang out when you really don’t care if you hang out with me. If she wants to put him first, that’s fine. Anyway, I’d asked Morgan a while back if she wants to go with me and she still doesn’t know cause of her flight attendant schedule. She should [hopefully] know next week whether she can go or not and she will be my final deciding factor, but as it stands now, I will be in Austin or Houston for New Years Eve…with no one to kiss.


One response to “New Years

  1. I’ll be in houston downtown I think. Some friends are talking about either Rice village or renting a hotel suite. Either way, good times….plus I betcha Rob will be there. Hint hint.

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