My break

In the last week and a half I turned in two 20 page papers, 15 abstracts, an ad critique journal, a take home exam consisting of around 20 essays, and my final portfolio consisting of 9 ads and a UFO made of duct tape and frisbees. I spent somewhere around $250 on school stuff and got $14 for selling my books back; one of which I never took out of its plastic. During this time I also put in over 20 hours a week of work at my job. Friday afternoon my final paper and take home exam were both due at 4pm. I had to work at 3. I got everything in by about 1:45, got ready for work and worked 3-7. Then I came home, hung out a bit and went out with the girls. I expected to have a crazy fun night, it was alright. Last night was more of the crazy fun…I was out til 5 and had to work at 8. Oops. Haha.

So I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to relax some. I’ve cleaned, I’ve cooked…I’ve been all domestic. Cookies, chili, and lasagna so far. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with all of my break. I have off work cause I’d planned to go to NY, but that’s not happening, so now I just have a month off of school and 2 weeks off work. Books. I need to read books. I want to try to get through 3. The plane trips to and from NY the weekend before school starts will help that. Advertising books I think…and C.S. Lewis. We will see.

Oh, and I’ve decided I can’t go out without falling down. A couple weeks ago I fell where the sidewalk dipped down to the road (I stepped wrong on my tall, skinny heel), Friday night my shoe lost traction and slipped out from under me while I was crossing Congress, then last night I was trying to walk down to the lake and stepped wrong and fell. I feel like I fell another time last night too. It was a long night, I don’t know. Anyhow, I’m excited about my month off. I will write more. I promise.


2 responses to “My break

  1. Unless you visit Katy, you’re dead to me. :P

  2. where are my cowboy tickets skank? … aren’t I a sweet talker?

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