Tonight I exchanged gifts with Natashia and Athena since I probably won’t see them again before Christmas. I gave Natashia a tank top and pj pants from VS. The tank top said “Wish List: -boyfriend -diamonds -shoes” It’s cute. She gave me a gift card to VS. I gave Athena a flannel pj set from VS with stars all over it. So her. She gave me a C.S. Lewis book which I am excited to read. Yay! Good times and good friends. All my other shopping is done too! I got brother’s today, had half of Mom’s and got the other half today (she has super curly hair – brother and I are getting her a straightener…not Chi though…it’s Paul Mitchel), Dad’s I’ll get Friday at home. Oh, and I put 2 in the mail earlier this week. One arrived today and the other will arrive tomorrow.

Yesterday was my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to them! I could not for the life of me figure out what to get for them…until 2 days ago. Mom always wants to take a recent family pic and says we never have on. Easter of ’05 Athena took one of us with the dog and I just don’t think Mom realizes it exists. I think I’m the only one with copies. Today I went and got 4 color and 4 black and white copies printed. I went to Target, found frames and am giving them the framed picture for their anniversary. They can put it in the house or in their offices. Good gift. Point me!


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