Work Drama

Monday night I somehow got talked in to going out…which is pretty easy to do if I’m not too worried about school…and at this point there is none, so I went out. I, however, had to be at work at 8am Tuesday, so I said I wasn’t going to stay out past midnight. I got home about 5:15. I went to sleep at 5:45, got up at 6:45 and went to work. We were supposed to open at 8. I got there about 8 and the store wasn’t open yet. So, I sat on the bench outside the store after about 20 minutes I decided to go get some breakfast. Chick-fil-a always sounds good and I am always disappointed by it when I get it. So I took it back down and ate half of it on the bench. Then threw the rest of it away. The pop wasn’t even good. I sat there until 9. I even called Mom to ask her if I should stay. She said I should…but what would that do? I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t open the store. During the time that I sat there I sent Amanda (the assistant manager) a text message that simply asked “do you know who’s opening today?” She never opens, so I didn’t want to wake her. I don’t have Jared’s phone number, he’s the manager and the one who normally opens and the day before I’d been at the outlet mall where the manager there said he was helping us out the next day. I thought maybe there had been some miscommunication or something. That and I really didn’t want to work since I hadn’t slept. At 9 I got a piece of paper out of my purse and wrote “Amanda and/or Jared, I was here at 8 to open but no one else was. Amanda didn’t answer and I don’t have Jared’s phone number. It’s 9, I’ve been here for an hour and I’m going to go home. Call me when you want me to come back.”

I went home and went to sleep for about an hour. At 11:30 Amanda called me nearly in tears. She said she was at the store and would probably get fired over this. I asked her if she wanted me to come back. She said yes, so I got up, dropped something off at the post office and went back to work. I had her add the hour I sat outside into my time and that was that. The other manager who was helping out was supposed to be there at 2:30, he was not and we didn’t have his phone number. At 2:45 I called the outlet to get his number and he was there. Apparently the night before his boss had told Jared that he wasn’t going to be able to make it because of something they had going on at their store. Amanda got really upset and started crying again. By that point she’d been asked to put in her 2 weeks. They would have just fired her, but they fired the key holder for the same thing about a month ago and haven’t found a replacement yet. They can’t have just one manager at the store. Plus, he’s going to NJ for Christmas. Anway, when I told her he wasn’t coming she got really upset and said she needed to go somewhere. She’s not supposed to leave the store, but I didn’t really have a choice. She was gone for a little over an hour. During that time I needed her twice. Once for a return and once for a price adjustment. She wouldn’t answer her phone and Jared wasn’t answering his. When she got back they were both waiting for her. She had on different clothes than she had left in. Grr. While she was gone another “part timer” came in and was a little uncomfortable with me being the only one in the store…as I was. She didn’t want me to leave cause she was worried Amanda would leave again and really, I can’t blame her. I was only supposed to be there until 4 though and Amanda kept asking me to stay later. Finally, I said I had to go and left about 5:30.

I feel bad like I could have done more than just send her a text message. I feel like I could have kept her from getting fired, but Dad said that I sent her a text message. That should have woken her up. Then, to put it in to perspective, I slept for an hour and was still there on time and ready to go. She blames not being there on staying at work late the night before and setting her alarm for PM. That stinks and I feel bad, but I was there at 8. I still feel bad.


One response to “Work Drama

  1. That sucks, sounds like you went above and beyond, I wouldn’t feel bad at all, because she wasn’t doing her job you couldn’t do yours, no reason to feel bad about that.

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