Last year I resolved to:
-visit New York [did it, twice and I lived there for the summer]
-intern at a good agency (prefferably in NY) [did it]
-get to 120 from 137 [did not do it]
-run the race for the cure [I signed up but didn’t go]
-do papers well in advance [did not do it]
-convince Burns that I want to plan and get into the program [did not do it, but I tried damn hard!]
-read Atlas Shrugged [it took me all summer, but I did it]
-see a broadway show [did it; 2 actually]
-see a ballet [did not do it]
-go to some sort of musical performance (symphony, quintet, quartet…) [did not do it]
-go to the gym to relieve stress [did it many times]

Most of those resolutions were made because I knew they were realistic.

This year I want to:
-graduate with my masters
-go to Vegas
-go to Europe
-get a job in New York and move there
-learn to knit
-read 15 books
-train to run a marathon next spring


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