So yesterday I went on my first run in a month and today the muscles in my butt are sore. My calves, my quads, everything else (with the exception of my hips and knees, but that’s to be expected) is fine. So I have a booty and people always tell me if I want to get rid of it I should start running. Well, I’ve been running since I was 15 and it only gets bigger. The more I run the more muscle that seems to build. The fact that only my butt is sore from the run yesterday should attest to this.


2 responses to “Soreness

  1. Some were just blessed in the booty more than others, I can also atest to that. Just be grateful for what God gave you and work it.

  2. Hi,

    My missus would love to have a bigger butt. Thats all she ever moans about. But what I do suggest when your doing your run is try to keep on the flat surface when running, do’nt do any up hill running.

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