Growing up

On January 22nd I will start my final semester of my masters degree. Classes finish May 4th. Becca’s wedding is June 2nd and I am in it, so I will have to stick around Texas for a while. I plan, however, to try to move to New York the week after the wedding. Maybe even start work June 5th if they need me to. I’ve already emailed a few companies about jobs even though I know it’s entirely too early to start looking for a job. In advertising companies don’t know what they’re going to have/be needing next month, let alone in 5 months. I could find out someone wants me for a job 5 days before it starts. Hopefully it won’t be that way with CDM since I interned there, but who knows, they may not even want me back. I’ve been emailing the recruiter a bit and should hopefully know something kind of soon; he said they should have a pretty good grasp on 2007 by late January. I’m thinking March is when I’ll really start looking hard and sending out lots of resumes. I’m sure something will work out, I just have no idea what or when…or even with what company. At this point I don’t plan to look anywhere other than NYC. I refuse to not live there.

Speaking of living in NYC, today JF IMed me asking about when I’d be moving there and if I still plan to live with him when I do. In May, his roommate, one of our college friends will be getting married and he will need someone to live with. We’ve been casually mentioning living together since we graduated since we both knew we’d be in the city. Now it’s getting to that point where it will become a reality. He was asking me today about living with him and I felt bad that I didn’t have any concrete answers to give him, but he knows better than anybody what it’s like not to know about having a job in advertising in advance. He found out about his maybe a week before graduation and had to start work like 2 days after we graduated. Hopefully I’ll have more notice than that though. i just can’t wait to find a real job, graduate, move to the city and be a grown up! Not that I’m not a grown up now, but it’s different when you’re not in school.


One response to “Growing up

  1. i dunno, you’re pretty old now… i’m surprised you don’t have your AARP card yet.

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