What makes a good president?

Twice in the last few days I’ve ended up in conversation with friends about Bush. I started out a really strong Bush supporter…then things started happening and I started questioning. There are things that have happened that I don’t agree with and some things I feel like have been good…I just don’t know what. My friend today asked me to tell him 3 good things Bush has done and I don’t know. I really don’t have an answer. I might have one if I think about it, but I feel like I’m not as up on my politics as I should be. I try, but certainly not as hard as I try to keep up with sports. Is that bad? Then he asked me to name 3 bad things Clinton did. All I could come up with was making 3rd trimester abortions legal and having an affair, which, according to him has nothing to do with his ability to be president or his political views. I don’t support everything that has happened in Bush’s presidency, but I don’t want to blame it all on him. There are other people in power as well, his advisors and people who have been appointed and make decisions as well. However, another friend made the point that he’s the president, when it all comes down to it everything falls on him. He gets all the credit when good things happen, he should get all the blame when bad things happen. I guess this makes sense. That’s how it goes with a CEO. If someone under him is doing something super wrong and gets caught, even if the CEO didn’t know it’s his job to know so he gets blamed. Good point. I really want to support Bush, but I’m having a hard time finding things to support. Can anyone tell me what good things he’s done? Bad things Clinton did?


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