Overzealous TAs

So I haven’t started classes yet, my first is on Monday…at 8am. I am not excited about the time, but I am excited about the professor and what she can teach me. Hah, how merdy do I sound?! Anyway, from her I have not recieved any emails or notices, why is this? Because the class hasn’t started yet! I have another class Monday evening at 4. For this class so far I have been sent 4 emails, asked to stop by campus to pick up a “packit” that I have to read and be able to answer questions on during class on Monday, as well as order materials from a website. The class hasn’t even begun yet! I hate classes like this where the TA wants to be your best email pal and your prof thinks they are your life. I am not in the least bit excited about this class. Not at all. Theprofessor is the head of the advertising department…which I don’t understand…I think she has an MBA and has worked in advertising but on the business side. Everyone says she teaches a marketing class. How is the haell is a marketing class going to be as good for me as an advertising class is? Pooh on that!!

I am not excited about this class at all. Last semester, same prof, different class she wouldn’t let people use computers at all…for anything. Not to type papers, not in class, not at all. The idea that she’s teaching this class just from all the horror stories I’ve heard scares/intimidates me. As I have stated I am not excited. I don’t like that I have homework before class has even started, I don’t like that she’s going to be gauging whether or not we’re suitable for this class on Monday by quizzing us, and I don’t like that the TA has already sent me 4 emails. I am not excited. Come on May 4th!


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