30 Day Return Policy

Yesterday was my first day to open the store by myself, mostly because the manager who was supposed to open is all but dying. (I’ve been working with him the most since I started at this store and he’s been really sick. No voice, coming to work and throwing up in the bathroom, things like that. Friday at work I started feeling sick. I don’t have time to get sick! Our regional mgr was there and gave me an airborn. I went home, took it and went to bed. Saturday I felt better but not healthy. Yesterday after work I took another and slept a lot last night. Today I feel much better, still not completely well though.) About 11 or so some woman came in with a headband and a necklace she wanted to return. She got them out and handed me her reciept. The date on it was 9/22/2006. Our return policy is 30 days. I didn’t know what to tell her. There was nothing wrong with the headband, I guess she just wanted her $5 back, but the necklace was broken. She still had the tag, packrat, but brought in 2 cause she didn’t know which one went with the necklace. Ok, so let me get this straight…you bought a necklace 6 months ago, have taken it off the thing it came on and kept it. Not only that, but you have most likely been wearing it for 6 months. It broke recently, so you decided to bring it back to get your $10?? How is that right? What in your mind makes that ok?? I should slap you and tell you NO! but becuase retail is so concerned with customer service and not pissing people off I have to smile and take it back. I’d rather you just not come back.


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