Is it wrong that it annoys me that my exboyfriend, who was a very serious boyfriend, A) sent me a facebook message to tell me happy birthday and B) sent the message at 1 am telling me he hoped he was the first to tell me happy birthday…a DAY early? Is that bad? I probably shouldn’t be annoyed. Oh well, I’m easily annoyed lately. Blame it on whatever you will. It bothers me that he has potentially forgotten my birthday and that I still know his. It bothers me that other people are telling me happy birthday early. Can’t you write yourself a note reminding you to tell me tomorrow???


2 responses to “Birthday

  1. I would say be grateful that people are even thinking about you near or on your birthday, who cares if it’s a day early, a day late, or on the right day, be thankful people care enough to wish you well on your birthday.

  2. I am greatful, really. I’m just in an irritable mood lately. I dunno.

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