Shoe laces and an old lady

This morning the first woman in the store tried on some “sport” shoes. She decided the laces were too long and she had too much left over when she tied them. Rather than tie a double bow or something she asked me if we had shorter laces. I went to the back and brought her the shortest pack we had. They were 30″ long; about the same length as the ones in the shoes. She didn’t believe my assumption, however, that they were the same length and proceeded to unlace the shoe and ask me to measure the laces. I had nothing to measure them with. The guy working with me told her they were going to be about the same length. She said ok and she would take the shoes, a little exasperated. Usually I would attempt to be polite and relace the shoes for her. I walked away. She was ridiculous, she could relace them on her own.

Later an old woman came in. I said hello, she didn’t even look at me. The guy working with me said hi, she didn’t look at him. I walked over to her and said, loudly, hi. She looked at me for a minute then asked me if I worked there. No one else was in the store. Yes, bitch. She asked me for a boot in a 7 1/2 or something. The boot said “LP” on the bottom, meaning last pair. I told her that and she took it back, walked back to where it was on the table, dropped it down, looked back at it when it fell and walked out. No, I will not say goodbye to you.

When you shop retail, please be nice to the people working in the store. Don’t act like you’re better than them, be polite, say hello, say thank you, be understanding. You’re in no way better than them, they are probably just as educated as you and in some cases more. Just don’t be a bitch. Put things back where they were, how they were. Don’t tear tables apart, don’t move things around, they are people too.


2 responses to “Shoe laces and an old lady

  1. I know how you feel about working retail, I did it in high school at one of the busiest Old Navy’s I have ever seen, it sucks. Unfortunately people don’t care if it’s not their stuff because they don’t have to clean it up.

  2. But what if I am better than them?

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