$1200 in 8 hours

Today Ashley pulled me aside to talk to me about how I’m liking the change in my job and everything that has happened with it. I enjoy it, the store is better, the people are better, it’s more lively, there’s more going on, etc. I asked her though, what she’d like to see me inprove on. She said I’ve done a good job and gotten a lot better since I first came here, but that she wants me to transition from the part timer to the manager.

Tonight when we were closing Josh asked me what she’d talked to me about. I told him, but before I got to the last part about what I can do better he told me there’s one thing I could do better and he wasn’t telling me to be a jerk or whatever, but because he wants to see me get better…and I want to, that’s why I asked Ashley. He said I need to make the transition in mindset from part timer to manager. I laughed and told him Ashley has said I need to do the same thing. Then, he told me I’d done a really good job doing that tonight. He said he’d dragged ass and I picked up the slack. He told me the store was successful tonight because of me, I worked the floor and made the sales. That showed, at the end of my 8 hours I’d sold $1200. We got there at the same time today. His sales were under $300. He said tonight I had transitioned. Yay, go me! I don’t do it when Ashley is around because she has that mindset enough for everyone, I can’t be like that when she’s being like that…I can’t explain why, but it just wouldn’t work…it would be like I didn’t know my place, I don’t know.

Anyway, tonight I am proud of myself. I did well and I am happy. My job makes me happy. Now if only I could make time for school.


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