Feb. 14th

Please don’t assume that I hate Valentine’s Day and that I’m a ridiculous cynic, neither are true. With that I will say, I’m not sure how Valentine’s Day was made so successfully commercial. It seems like on this one random day of the year men MUST show their love or they are in the dog house or on the couch. How did this happen? Why is it that a man must show his lone specifically on this day? Why can it not be done on any or every day through the year? Why is it that women must be showered with wonderful treatment? Women don’t get in trouble if they don’t plan something wonderful for the guy in their life, he doesn’t really care. Think about all the pressure and expectations guys have to deal with and live up to. I simply don’t understand it.

I am in no way opposed to being given flowers, taken to dinner, given a gift to express sentiment, and romanced, but why today? Why only today? It’s much less expected on another random day of the year and thus sweeter because it does not feel forced, it feels like something he wanted to do. I want him to want to do these things for me, not do them because today he has to or only because I expect it. And if I expect him to do something to prove his love for me, what kind of a person am I? I shouldn’t expect anything; what entitled me to expectations of being spoiled? I am happy with what I get.

So, on Valentine’s Day, I feel bad for American men. I don’t like the way this holiday functions or what it has evolved into. But, again I will say, I am certainly not opposed to the nice things that come with it. Oh, and I recieved some gorgeous tulips today…thanks Mom! :-D


2 responses to “Feb. 14th

  1. Amen. You’re not a cynic.. I feel the same way. If I were St. Valentine I’d be rolling over in my grave seeing what his feast day has become.

  2. Cynicism is the belief that humans are motivated by self-interest and not altruism. I don’t think it even comes close to being applicable here.

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