Freaking Grey’s

Ok, I love Grey’s Anatomy, I have the first 2 seasons on DVD, but they’re gonna lose me really fast with all this drama crap. Every week there’s some new huge drama. There aren’t any episodes with just witty banter in them anymore. What happened to the fun, care free, funny intern dialogue? I miss it! They can’t kill Meredith Grey, the show is about her, what are they going to call it? Anatomy? Can we please quit trying to be Days of Our lives and get back on with the show? I realize it’s sweeps, but who really needs a 3 part series? They’re getting on my nerves.


2 responses to “Freaking Grey’s

  1. I think season 3 has been in serious decline. I’ve barely enjoyed any of the recent episodes and a lot of characters’ habits are just annoying now. This latest story arc with Meredith’s existential crisis has been nothing but boring.

  2. I second ibsteveog Booorrriiinnngggg.

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