The prof

So there’s this prof who comes into our store fairly regularly and all the girls swoon over him. Well, one day we were talking about how I’m getting my masters and what in and blah. blah. blah. Turns out one of my favorite profs is on his PhD board (he is working on it and teaching at UT), so last week I said something to her about him and how we all think he’s pretty. She told me his name and, not even gonna lie, I checked myspace to see if he was on there. He was, but his profile was set to private…dammit…no stalking for me. He was, however, online…so I sent him the message. What the hell…I sent him a message?? Who am I?!? He messaged me back and came into the store not long after. He said something to the girls about having me myspace him during class. Watch me feel stupid.

So Friday night I was at Prague with the girls and I went outside to make a phone call. Who comes walking by but the prof and some douchy friend. They came in with me and wanted to meet my friends. The prof ignored one of my best friends…probably because of her physical appearance…nevermind that she is beautiful. No more points for him. Strike one, he’s out. You ignore her and I ignore you. He later left without saying goodbye. I was done.

Then, yesterday I checked my myspace and he sent me a message when he got home telling me we should hang out and he sent me his phone number. Boooo. No, I think I’m good.


One response to “The prof

  1. I am glad you chose me over some pretty boy… don’t they always turn out gay anyway… not that I don’t love gay boys, they are just kind of undateable to us girls! I am sure he is not gay cause gay guys love me and he straight ignored me! no pun intended! :)

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