This weekend

Chontae dragging me away from short Mexican guy trying to hit on me in the street…
Him: What? I can’t tell your friend she’s hot?
Tash: We’ve already heard that tonight and I don’t think her boyfriend would appreciate it.
Haha, nice Tash…just one question…what boyfriend? :-D

Guy trying to hit on my by talking to me about my fake engagement ring that he thought was real…
Him: So, where’s your fiance?
Me: Um, he doesn’t live in Austin.
Sharen’s friend walks up…
Friend: I’m her fiance, so maybe you should go.
Haha, oops!

Lots of brown people standing nearby looking at Sharen and not Aarti because they saw her “engagement” ring…
Aarti to Sharen: Look, it’s like a whole village
They move closer to Sharen and Aarti drags us away…
Aarti: We had to move, all the brown people were congregating around Sharen.

Discussing how both of them can pass for things other than Indian:
Sharen: Well, you don’t look like an Indian girl, you’re pretty.


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