The Domain

So I was supposed to be going to the Domain to work at the new store when it opens. Then, last week, because it was “drastic Thursday,” Josh, the manager who was supposed to take over the Barton Creek store decidedto quit. After that, even though he put in his 2 weeks he didn’t really work another shift. Because of this, we had to cover all his shifts and rearrange our schedules. Then the other MIT was told she’d be taking over our store. When she was she told our district manager that she wanted to keep me because I’m better than the other key holder and she didn’t think she’d be as good at training as the manager going to the Domain. She is the one who has been responsible for training all of management and most of the part time employees for the new store and the team taking over the old store. When she told the DM that she wants to keep me, the DM said ok and told me that I was going to be staying at Barton Creek.

I was really excited about going to the Domain, it’s a nicer mall and it’s so much closer to home…much better drive. There’s nothing I can say, I don’t have much of a choice, so Barton Creek is where I’ll be staying.

None of this stopped me from having to sit in our unfinished store for six and a half hours today waiting on someone to come install the computer. He never came. Tomorrow I have to be back at 8:30 again. I wish I was going to be working there.


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