Ok, so last weekend a friend of mine came here. He’d never been here before, but he said he was coming to see me. He and his friends reserved 9 hotel rooms and before they came he asked me what to do and where to go while here (which is what spawned my “Things to do in Austin, Texas” list). They got here at 4:30 Friday morning. How do I know that? He called me. The first time didn’t wake me, but the second did. He told me to come to the hotel. I said I was comfortable and not going anywhere, but maybe we could hang out in the morning before I went to work.

Friday morning he sent me an IM saying “good morning from Austin.” I replied and he didn’t answer. Then when I had to go to work I sent him a text telling him. I was irritated cause he hadn’t replied to me all morning. Then to the text saying I was going to work he told me they were about to be at the San Marcos outlet mall. Grrr!! That night when I got off work I went to Aarti’s, changed and went out with the girls. The friend was at a bar I hadn’t heard of before with all the people he was in town with. We weren’t going there and he wasn’t leaving there, so meeting up wasn’t going to happen. I was annoyed. Then later that night he and an aquaintance of mine happened to bee walking by when we were walking into a bar. I chased them down after almost just letting them go and said hi. He was “speechless” and had nothing to say, so I said I was going to go back out with the girls and to have fun. Then, when I took the girls home that night he sent me a text telling me to come where they were. Tash went with me and the bar was closed, but according to him they were keeping it open for their group. Suuure they were. They can’t do that, I don’t care who you are…it’s illegal. He said it would be fine, it didn’t matter that they were closed, “just walk in and say you’re with Cody in VIP.” Ok, first of all, there is no VIP in Austin, but you think whatever you like. Second, if you want me to come up there you can come down and get me. I finally told him that and he was worried he wouldn’t be able to get back up. Ok, so how am I supposed to get up there if you can’t even get back up?!? I finally said I’d been waiting long enough and told him I was going to go. We went back to the car and as soon as I started it he walked up. They were leaving the bar because it was closing, imagine that. He stood at my car and talked for a few and I said I had to go home because I had to open the store in 6 hours.

Saturday he and his friends came to the mall and he came to my store, twice. Bought things twice. I don’t want you to buy things from me in order to see me, just hang out with me when we’re in the same place! I told him I’d let him know when I got off work. I sent him a text as I was leaving and got one back when I was almost home saying they were still in the food court. Grrr! That is about 50 feet from my store! Had I known I would have gone and said hi. Instead I got cute and ready for Aarti’s bday dinner. He’d told me the group was going to split up that night, so he wasn’t going to have to worry about 14 people again, it would be easier to meet up. After dinner we were going to Prague and when we were on the way I saw him and his friends in an alley (they were too far away to say hi). I told him (texted, really) where we were going and that was that. Later I was outside calling Tash to see where she was when he and his friends walked up. They couldn’t get in right away and had to wait a minute. They didn’t want to, so they left. I came back out later to meet Tash and they walked by…but didn’t stop. I guess they went to 6th. After that he didn’t answer my texts. At 2:45, when I was at home in bed, I got a text from him saying his battery had died, but he just took his friends. Why did he wait so late to get a battery from someone else?? I was so annoyed that we’d been in the same place and they hadn’t come in. Are you too good to wait in line? Really?!? Anyway, I got the text that next morning.

Long story short they left early that afternoon and I never saw him. Really, if you’re going to come to where I live but not hang out with me, just don’t tell me you’re here. He says he wanted to hang out, but it didn’t seem like he tried…AT ALL. Actions speak louder than words. I discovered that freshman year of college and have lived by it since. I was completely annoyed and irritated by the situation. Don’t just SAY you want to hang out. There was nothing stopping it, they came to the bar we were at, just wouldn’t wait a minute in line! Oh, and they didn’t go ANYWHERE I suggested all weekend. If you’re not going to take my advice, don’t ask for it!!


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