So I was supposed to go open the store in the new mall that opens next week. Then the manager who was supposed to take over the store I’m at now quit, so they promoted the other MIT to manager of this store. When our DM told her she told the DM that she wanted me to stay, that I was stronger than the other key. I am, this is true. So, I had to stay at this store. Nice how I have no control.

The last few days the manager has been FREAKING out about EVERYTHING! Inventory, shipment, cleaning, sales, numbers, the schedule, etc. Her being uptight and stressed has caused her to be kind of short and rude with/to everyone which in turn is making everyone miserable. I asked of 11 days for my trip to Europe. I planned it before I got promoted and knew I wouldn’t be able to take a long period of time off of work. She scheduled me to work Sunday and Monday…the days I usually have off. I have a lab on Sunday and class all day Monday. I can’t work during class, but she told me I had to work. It’s not in my availablity, I can’t, sorry. She’s been laying a serious guilt trip on me about going out of town and I do feel bad. The assistant who is AWESOME keeps telling me not to feel bad and not to worry about it. I didn’t know when I started planning the trip. She also told me not to work when I can’t because I have school. If I can’t work I can’t work.

Work is stressing us all out. No one’s enjoying it right now. The manager is just making a hard transition. No one wants to stay. I hope I can continue to handle it with school. I like my job, I enjoy it, but I can’t handle stress from this as well as stress from school. This isn’t what I’m going to do with my life. I can’t put it first.


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