Let me introduce you to my brother…

Interestingly enough, my brother was held up at gun point…he wrote this about it.

“Ok, so some wanna be thug tried to rob me on saturday night when i was walking back to work from the gas station. He came up behind me with a gun and demanded my money. After informing him of my less than wealthy situation, he then demanded my wallet, I then told him i had no wallet. This he did not like, so he then demanded i get on the ground, playing dumb, i said “What?” as i dropped the chips I bought at the gas station. Once he said to get on the ground again, I grabbed his arm that had the weapon and pulled him to me, while i was doing this my stratigically placed hand pulled out my knife and opened it. Well I decided what better place to put it than his ribs… so anyway, we tussled for a bit, i ended up dropping the knife and throwing him around a bit. After humiliating him a bit, i picked up my chips and walked the to the front door of my work where i then told the other bouncer to call he cops, then went back for more. As i was approaching this dischevled gansta, he racked the gun again and to no supprise, no shell left the chamber, and since it was the second time he racked it, i knew he truely was a dumbass. Well, taunting him to shoot me i charged him, a bit more tussling went on and i took him to the ground preparing to break his arm. Well this is when he decided, “Hmm, maybe I need help”, so he yelled something to the guy that was driving the car he pulled up in, “Bust him!”, is all the help he got. Anyway, it was at this time I decided… hmm, maybe I should call the cops (mistake), taking one hand off his arm to get my phone he broke free and started to run. Hanging up on 911 I sprinted after him, he got in the car and the took off like something running from something else very fast. haha sorry. So as i ran after them I saw my knife on the trunk of a car and grabbed it while running. So… basically i looked crazy running with an open knife after a car. Oh, and my knife is by no means little.
Eventually the cops came and told me i was the man, and we bullshit’ed for a while. anywho, that was my story.

Oh after he left there were feathers all over the parking lot from me stabbing through his jacket.

I should have just broken his arm and messed him up, then called the cops….damn…”

Rought night for that guy. He thought he was going to rob some guy who was walking alone and got stabbed instead. Haha. He’ll probably never hear the end of it from his friends.


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