Flying high in the sky

So, looking forward to this trip across the ocean I’m nervous. Only about flying over the ocean. I’ve never been nervous about flying until recently. I think it’s genetic though. Anyway, I hope that if for some reason anything should happen to me on this trip that everyone who is close to me and important in my life knows how I feel about them. I rarely say it and when I do it’s awkward. I just hope the people I love and appreciate know it.

On that note, in about 36 hours I am leaving for spring break. The plan is to fly from here to Newark, then to Gatwick, then to Milan, then take the train to Rome where we will stay for the weekend. We will then return to Milan until Wednesday and fly back to London where we will be until Monday when we fly back to Houston and then here. I’m going to have a better spring break than you! Enjoy a week and a half off from me.


One response to “Flying high in the sky

  1. Safe travels, my friend! Have lots of fun!

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