Spring Break Day 3

This morning I woke up to some the loud Welsh guys on our floor. I thought it was like 3 am and thought they were being so rude. I was going to ask them to be quiet, but then I looked at my clock and say it was 9:15. I didn’t get up though, cause we had agreed last night to sleep in some today and that Aarti would call us when they got up…so I didn’t set an alarm. Well, they called at 12:05. Crap. There went half our day in Rome. We went and got lunch at a little deli by here and went to the train station to get money and head the Vatican City. Well, the ATM didn’t get me any money, it said it had been instructed to return my card to me and I should call my bank. I thought immediately that my bank had turned my card off…they’ll do that when you go to another country and don’t tell them. I’d called last week to tell them I was coming here and the guy I talked to told me I didn’t need to tell them, which worried me and made me think maybe he was new and didn’t know what he was doing. So, this morning I thought my card had been turned off. I called the bank and the lady said I had a limit on how much I can take out a day and that what I was trying to withdraw had surpassed that. Ok, so you keep my limit low, I have to withdraw more frequently and have to pay them more in fees. Nice. I asked them to raise my limit to withdraw in a day and they raised it by $200, which was nice. In London it’s still not going to be a very great amount, but still much better than it was.

So, we went back to the train station and caught the Metro to the Vatican. We took pictures in St. Peter’s Square for a bit and kinda hung out. I don’t have a funny quote for today…other than Kayla singing “Tuppence” near people feeding pigeons, but I have a funny event…There are these short stone column things in St. Peter’s square you can sit on, but they’re just a little too tall to get on gracefully. Well, since Kayla’s kinda short she couldn’t get up onto it…so she got a running start and kinda leap frogged onto it. I have a great picture of her straddling it…in the Vatican. Hehe. So then we went to the line for St. Peter’s Basilica where we walked around for about an hour. The ceiling is beautiful, the paintings are beautiful, the wall is beautiful, the marble sculptures are beautiful. It’s all so beautiful. There are Popes in plain view there; some who are hundreds of years old…and that’s just where their remains are…in glass boxes in St. Peter’s. Crazy. We thought we’d missed all the masses and there happened to be one at 4. Woohoo! It was in Italian, but I could still follow and explain to Aarti fine. It wasn’t said by a Cardinal and the Pope certainly wasn’t there, but I still went to mass in St. Peter’s! How many people can say that?!? After mass we had more to look around at and as we were making out way back to the back the men who worked there were keeping people out of a certain area so let a procession of priests through who were going to do the evening prayers. Aarti wanted to wait and see a Cardinal…I don’t know why that was something she was so concerned about…she just wanted to see a Cardinal, but we stayed so she could. There were probably 50 priests and Cardinals total and it was actually really cool to see them walk through.

From there we started making our way back to the Metro…we’re going to go back tomorrow to go to the Sistine Chapel (which was closed today). On the way to the Metro we stopped for Gelato and asked some southern (Texan sounding) women how to get to Hard Rock since they had a bag. Kayla and I both needed to go there to get shirts for my dad and her boyfriend. On the Metro there we overheard some American guys talking…who also had Hard Rock bags…so I asked them about it. We asked where they were from, they asked where we were from and when we said Texas one of them said where. When we said Austin he said…oh, 6th street and 4th street. No one knows 4th street unless they’ve lived in Austin. He said he and his wife had gone to school there for 6 years. When they said bye he said “hook ‘em horns.” Who woulda thought we’d get a Hook ‘Em in Italy?! Hah.

The area Hard Rock is in is really pretty. Very nice. All we did was go in and get shirts and take off back to the hotel. While we were there the girl checking us out didn’t even try to speak Italian to me, she just started in English. She spoke Italian to Kayla until she asked Kayla a question and looked at her for a minute. When Kayla, looking a little confused looked at me and then said, “I don’t…” the girl spoke to her in English. Haha…apparently Kayla looks Italian. Carlo says she looks like she’s from Sicily.

From there we returned to the hotel. Right now we’re packing some and getting ready for dinner. We’re going to eat around here, not stay out til 1:30 like last night, and go to bed early so tomorrow we can finish everything we want to before our train at 5. Can’t wait! Ciao.


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