Trip Day 5

We woke up about 11 yesterday, got ready and headed toward the Duomo. It was about a 15 minute walk and it was beautiful. It’s apparently one of the only gothic cathedrals in Italy. It is in the middle of a very large shopping galleria and it’s definitely the focus of attention if you take your eyes off the shoes and handbags. We didn’t go inside; it didn’t look like they were letting people in. It’s ok, just seeing the outside was enough. I was a little disappointed in that half of the front was covered for cleaning, but the rest was striking enough. At the top of the tallest point on the church was a gold statue of I’m assuming a saint. It was really pretty in the sun. Duomo means house of God in Latin…I think. Something like that. It reminded me very much of all the churches in Germany. One specifically. I don’t remember the name of it, but I think it’s in Hamburg…If I remember right (it’s been 9 years since I was there) the church in Germany was one of the few things left standing in the city after WWII.

Anyway, from the Duomo we went to this circle in the galleria called “the lucky buffalo” in Italian…whatever that is. There’s a little hole in the middle of it you put your heel in and spin in a circle for luck. So we went there, did that and got our shop on. We walked through all the stores we can’t afford…Prada, Gucci, Feragamo, etc. Some pretty things, but the whole designer thing just isn’t me…I can’t spend lots of money on one thing. We went to Zara where I got a dress, a skirt and a shirt. Then I went to Intimissimi and got some cute matching sets of underwear because I don’t have any and dang it, they were cute! We explored a bunch of other places, but I didn’t find anything. We shopped for probably 5 hours. I was really good. Usually I get bored and bitchy when I have to be out shopping for that long. I’m not the type to just go and shop. I usually know what I want and go for just that and if I end up seeing something else I like I’ll grab it. It’s been kind of fun just to look around at everything though, and I came here knowing I was going to spend all day almost every day shopping. I’ve been good.

We went home in the evening and relaxed for a bit while Carlo, his roommate who’s name I still don’t know any 3 of this friends from school made us a curry dinner. There was Evans who is from Kenya and runs fast, Matteo who studied at UT with Carlo last semester, and Siddarth who is Indian and goes to the University with them. Evans said they make that same food in Kenya, so he started it before Siddarth got there (he had class until late) and then Siddarth finished it when he got there. Dinner took them FOR-EV-ER. I think we finally ate about 11. We had wine and some homemade liquor Carlo’s grandmother made. Good times. Lots of laughs. The boys were a lot of fun. About 12:30 they all left, Aarti, Carlo and his roommate went to bed, Kayla went to cot and I went to couch. So nice not to have a rock hard pillow.


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