Trip Day 6

We woke up about 11:30 and had to leave at 12:30 to make it to the airport for our flight. Aarti and Carlo went to his University to get her a tshirt (which she didn’t buy because they didn’t have any cute ones. He actually told her that before they left.) while Kayla and I got ready. They came back and we left about 12:30. We caught a cable car, then another cable car, then a bus and made it to the airport. We got to EasyJet to check in and our luggage weighed too much. It’s a cheap airline with bag and weight restrictions. They don’t serve you drinks or water or anything on the plane either. I packed very lightly for this trip, but Aarti and Kayla didn’t. We put some of Kayla’s stuff in mine and Aarti’s bag and she tried to carry on one of her bags, but it was too big. Kayla ended up paying 10 Euro for her extra bag and then they split the cost for the extra weight. 7 Euro 50 per kilo extra. In total it ended up being about $140. So, was it really worth it to take the “cheap” airline?

Flying from Milan to London you could see the mountains like you come on the way to Milan. Amazingly gorgeous. I took some pictures out the window so I can show Mom how beautiful it was.

We landed a little bit late and set out for the hotel. We took the train and then had to take the Underground. The stairs down and back up sucked, but we made it. Then we walked about 10 minutes and finally got to the hotel, who only thinks there are 2 of us in our room, so I stood outside while they checked in. I waited about 10 minutes until Aarti came down and got me. We acted like I live here and she was telling me about “their” room and everything. Hehe.

After we relaxed for a bit we went to Portobello Rd. and met Aarti’s cousin Megan for dinner at a place called Electric Café. It was very New York and I liked it a lot. The atmosphere was loud and alive and the food was very good. It was so nice to catch up with Megan too, I always love getting to talk with her. I hope it doesn’t bother Aarti that I’m friends with her cousin even when she’s not around. So we hung out and talked for a couple hours then headed back to the hotel for sleep. We were girly and giggly for a bit and then finally fell asleep…3 of us in the “king size” bed. I swear it’s a queen. It got SO hot. Kayla and I ended up sleeping without covers and I got up twice to turn the thermostat down and once to open a window. I got up again to get water. I didn’t sleep very well which is very uncharacteristic for me. I rolled around a lot, nearly pushed Aarti out of the bed a few times and elbowed her in the face once. Oops. Whatever, we made it and have to do it 4 more times.


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