Trip Day 7

Aarti (talking about her shirt): This is kinda wrinkly.
Kayla: Just like your balls?
And this spiraled into a conversation about balls and what they are and why God made them.

We got up and headed out about 11:30 ready, yet again, to shop until we drop. We headed to Oxford Circus and got lunch. Then we started in on the shopping at Top Shop. I expected more from it…not that they don’t have a TON of stuff, but it’s not very my style. I ended up finding a cute pencil skirt, a little white jacket thing, and an actual jacket though. I also found some cute accessories as they have a whole floor of them and I am an accessory whore. Whatever, the right accessories can make the outfit. Megan met up with us there after class and after we paid we headed to the smaller shops in the area. I didn’t find any shoes, which is disappointing, but I did find some I love and can’t afford. They’re at a place called Reiss. Very much too expensive for me, but oh-so cute!

Once we were all kind of sick of shopping we decided to go to a pub to have a drink and chit chat. I ended up getting tea. Gotta love tea, plus cold wind warrants tea. From there Megan left us and we went back to Top Shop so Aarti could get a jacket she’d seen earlier. Ok, so all day I’d been on the look out for my friend Geraldine (from elementary school who I haven’t seen in about who’s in about 15 years.) and odds aren’t I would never find her, but I thought it might be possible. When we left the pub we saw some red phone booths and Kayla wanted a picture in one, so we stopped to do that. As soon as we finished and turned around to go into a shop Aarti wanted to explore I heard my name. Oh my gosh, there she was, standing right across the street!! Big hug, introduction of friends, and talk about how we’d been trying to call one another. It was such a surprise to see her and the thought of it makes me smile. I can’t wait until I can hang out with her. After a few minutes of talking we parted ways. I told her I’d call tonight to tell her what we’re doing and we went back to shopping. After we went back to Top Shop I decided to find the store I work in that was just down the street. It had some really cute things, including the collection, but mostly the same things we have in our store, which was nice to see. It made me happy to go there.

After we were tired of shopping we headed back to the hotel. I wasn’t hungry, so I went ahead of the girls who stopped to get dinner. We just hung out, showered and relaxed for a while until Megan called to tell us what’s going on tonight and where to meet her. We didn’t actually end up going out with her. She was unsure of exactly what was going on because they were jumping around, so we just went to a nearby place. Earl’s Court Tavern. We got there 11:30 or 11:45 and they closed at 12. So, the girls got a drink and we went back to the hotel for bed.


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