Trip Day 9

We got up really early so we could head to Portobello Market. We were out of the hotel by about 9:15. Walking down the street was much different during the day than it had been Wednesday night. George Orwell actually lived in one of the houses there…I think it was light blue. They had a thing on the front of the house that said when he lived there. There were a lot of antiques and jewelry at the market. It was actually kind of like a garage sale. None of us really found anything. Well, that’s a lie. I found a really cute skirt in a little shop called Appletree Boutique on Portobello, but it wasn’t really part of the market. I almost bought a cheap cashmere scarf too. I wish I had now too, it was really cute. Once we got bored (after about 3 blocks and 45 minutes) we headed to Chelsea to do some real shopping…where I saw a red Mercedes SLR…hot car. About 10 feet later I saw a black Ferrari…not sure what model. Hor cars in Chelsea apparently.

I, by far, did the most shopping of our trip, but dammit, that’s what I saved for! I didn’t buy anything I could get in the states either. I think it was well worth it. In Chelsea I found a French Connection and found that skirt I’d seen the day before. I just love it and I looked on the FCUK website and they don’t have it available in the US. Even if they did, the skirts are more expensive there than here. Then I found some really cute grey, patent leather, mary janes by Kate Kuba which is not only not in the US, but they won’t ship to the US either. They’ll go with both my skirts! I was talking to the girl who worked there about how patent is just getting big in the US this spring and she said it’s been big there for 2 years. They do say the US is 2 years behind in fashion. Boo. Aarti bought a bunch of stuff at Reiss. We found a bigger one than the one we’d shopped at Thursday and I didn’t even look there, it’s too expensive for me. They did have a smoking hot guy working there though…maybe I should have asked if I could bring him back with me. He actually looked like one of the actors who used to be on Young and the Restless. The only reason I know this is because Becca used to watch it in the dorms. Whatever, it’s culture, right?

On our way to Knightsbridge to get Kayla a pair of shoes at Curt Geiger shoes before we headed back to the hotel to get ourselves prepared for British style drinking on St. Patrick’s Day we stopped at Sisily. Kayla wanted to try on a cute Easter looking dress and I ended up buying a light scarf.

Back at the hotel we just hung out and rested until dinner at Wagamama. Yes Scott, it was as good as everyone said. The wasabi chocolate cake was a bit iffy though. From dinner we headed back to the hotel to call Geraldine and Megan. We made a pit stop at a convenience store and the girls thought it was really fun that you can drink in public in London, so they both got a can of Strongbow cider. I just bought chocolate. As we were walking back I said something about how if we were in the US we’d be in trouble for J-walking which we were doing at the time, open container, possibly public intoxication depending on the cop and Kayla said, “but we’re in London!” Haha. So they had me take a picture of them in the middle of the road with their drinks looking like they were trying to be 007 or something. Amusing.

Back at the hotel we called Megan and she still didn’t know what was going on. Later she called and said she wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t going out, so we decided to do our own little pub crawl (which we’d been planning with her and her friends since Wed) right around the hotel. I called Geraldine to tell her what was going on, but she wasn’t answering her phone. I was afraid meeting up wasn’t going to work out before we left to go back to the states. Of course, when we got back that night there was a message from her 10 minutes after we’d left. So the 3 of us….Kayla who was already tipsy, my sober behind and Aarti headed out. On the way to the first Pub we saw a rat run across the sidewalk and into a drain. We walked in and ordered a round. The girls chugged, I sipped. The bartender was nice, so we talked to him a bit. At one point one of them was pouring a drink and we asking him what it was. He said Pimm’s. We didn’t understand after about the 3rd time of him saying it, so we had him spell it. When he did we repeated it. Hello, this is second grade. Then he went on to tell us it’s the drink they have in Wimbledon. Kayla, without missing a beat said, “well, I’m not very good at tennis.” We laughed like it was the funniest think we’d heard all night (it probably was) and he walked away. Then another bar tender asked us where we were staying. Kayla told him, “the Parkcity…just past the rat.” So this is how our night started. Don’t worry, the more we drank the more fun it got.

Pub #2 was kind of a bust. We laughed for a bit at an English guy laying it on this to some American bimbo. I’m almost guaranteeing he got some that night. She was ridiculous. We couldn’t shake this guy from Plano though who’d seen Kayla’s Texas ID when she had her wallet though, so we took off.

At pub #3 there was a big group of Australian guys who were drunk and loud. One of them said to Kayla in her bright pink pea coat, “Nice tits…I mean buttons” and from then on we hung out with them. They gave us their Guiness buttons…”Tall, dark and handsome,” “worth the wait,” and “full of Irish charm.” We had fun taking pictures with those. Then Aarti started pointing toward some guy at the bar saying she knew him. He’s a frat boy from UT. What are the odds?!? He and his brother hung out with us for a bit and his brother eventually went back to the hotel. The pubs there close at 11 and 12. They ring a bell for last call at 10 to 11 and then one of the bartenders agreed to let Kayla ring the bell at 11 signifying them being closed. After tha t we left the Australian guys and headed to another pub that was open until 12. We had more drinks there and started drunk dialing people in the US. Mara, Sharen, Devin, Perry. When they closed at 12 Aarti wanted KFC, so we went to KFC. From there we headed home and to bed, but first we got a dance performance from Kayla to a small selection of hip hop she put together. There is nothing more entertaining.


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