Trip Day 10

Sunday we woke up to the phone, but it wasn’t our wake up call, oh no. It was Geraldine calling us as soon as she woke up because she didn’t want to miss us. She said she was going to the Camdentown market and that I was coming, but first she was going to go to breakfast, so not to go anywhere. 15 minutes later our wake up call came and the first thing I heard out of the girls was Kayla: *groan* my head. We got ready and hung out until about noon, but we were hungry, so when I hadn’t heard from Geraldine I called her to tell her we were going to go to the White Horse. We wanted to go back for the nachos we’d had for lunch Thursday…SO good! She came and met up with us there and that’s where we parted ways with A&K. Geri and I headed to the market which was very different from Portobello. It was much younger stuff and lots of clothes. I got a shirt and about froze my toes off. We were very lucky with the weather the whole trip and it got cold that last day. Other than that it was relatively warm in both London and Italy and clear and sunny in both places. We were going to try to go to another market, but couldn’t figure out how to get there with the tube being closed in certain places, so we just headed back to the hotel where the girls were napping.

On the walk back to the hotel we passed a little shop a guy walked out of just after we passed. I could feel him check us out and then he said, “lovely bum.” Sounds better than “nice ass,” but you’ve got to be kidding me. I didn’t turn around, but Geraldine did. He said…I meant her. She said thanks, sarcastically and about 20 feet ahead of us we saw an old man with a guitar strapped around him peeing on a car. Gross. So back at the hotel we hung out for a bit and then agreed to meet up for dinner.

At 8:15 we headed to the tube to meet Geraldine who’d gone home to change and hang out with her friend and then went to meet Megan at the tube stop the restaurant was rear. We were all sort of in the mood for Italian so that’s what we had. Seymour something was the name of the restaurant. Very good, but not like Italy. One of the waiters, who couldn’t have been my grandpa was very flirty. At one point he brought over a “cappuccino” and offered it to me, then pretended like it slipped. Instead of ending up with scalding hot coffee in my lap I ended up embarrassed and laughing. The “drink” was a display and plastic. *grumble*

After dinner at the tube we parted ways with Megan who I can’t wait to see again in New York and then at our tube stop we parted ways with Geraldine. I hope I don’t have to wait another 12 years to see her. We went back to the hotel, packed our things, printed stuff for homework out for the plane ride, and went to bed so we could catch our cab to the airport at 7:15.


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