So I’ve been so stressed out and so unhappy about things. Project, paper, work, not having a real job lined up yet, money. I just IMed with a friend of mine from HS who lives up in New York and what she said completely changed my mood in about a quarter of a second. She said, it’s funny how God finds a way to make our dreams come true. I thought, I’m just happy He lets me dream. As much as I hate to do these projects and papers, God has opened so many doors for me and will continue to with this degree. It doesn’t matter if I don’t sleep tonight, it doesn’t matter that I’m stressed out for a couple of days. I’m so lucky to be where I am and for the opportunities afforded me. I’m still stressed out, but now I’m smiling because I am able to dream.


One response to “Smiling

  1. Hi,
    i just reached your blog pushing the next-buttom. Then i read your last post. I don’t belive in God but i understand the meaning of being thankful for the things we hace or we have got. Perhaps what some people call God, is what other ones call TAO or ki or energy or whatever.

    Keep smiling!

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