Rain Rain

Earlier this week it rained…a lot. It doubled the amount of rain we have for either the month or the year. Since it hasn’t really rained all year, I vote for the year. It was awesome rainy weather. Warm outside without a cold wind and it was steady rain, none of that drizzle crap. There was the occasional thunder and lightning combo and there were flash flood warnings. Monday when I was driving home from class about 7pm I saw 4 college student looking guys all probably about 21 at 24th and Lamar playing in the rain. How much fun it can be to revert to your childhood! One of them had a knee board that they were using to aid in their endeavors and I couldn’t help but smile. Next thing I knew they were off running up the hill, all soaked to the bone. It’s the little things like this in life that I appreciate. If you can’t appreciate the simple things, there isn’t a lot to make you happy. I feel sorry for people who don’t notice and appreciate these things. I wish I had time to play in the rain.


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