Stay close…or far. :(

Well, rejections for jobs happen all the time in the form of neglect. Send out your resume and a cover letter, follow up a couple weeks later, never hear back. Today I had a bit more blunt rejection. Since about January I’ve been trying to get in touch with the company where I interned. When I left in August to come back to school they told me, “Keep in touch.” “Stay close.” I tried all year, but they didn’t play up their side of the “relationship.” I finally just heard back from the man I worked for basically saying, we have lots of senior level jobs in what you want open, but nothing in the junior level. No, I’ll let you know if something comes up, just basically a: we have nothing for you, you suck, good luck finding something somewhere else. I’m really irritated. I really expected to work there. It’s nice to think…well, I’ll find something better, but really, I’m finished with school in a month. Will I really? I hate that nothing in my life is stable right now. In 2 months everything will be different…the apartment and city I live in, I won’t live alone anymore, I will be out of school, I should hopefully have a job, I will be completely on my own. i am a very independant person and being on my own is great, I love it, it just feels like so much is an unknown right now and he’s emotionally wearing.


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