For Sale

Things I am selling so that: (A) I can afford to move and (B) I (or Dad) don’t have to mess with moving them.

Matching plaid couch and love seat ($450)
Matching Oak/Glass Livingroom Coffee Table and 2 End Tables ($350)
TV Stand ($45)
4 Matching Antique Ladder-Back Kitchen Table Chairs ($200)
Pine Computer Armoir ($450)
Maroon 9′ Oval Rug ($15)
6′ Artificial Ficus Tree ($15)
Matching Rug Set (3′ Circle, 3.5′ Oval, 6’x2.5′ Rectangle, and 5’x7′ rectangle) ($75)

Anyone want anything else I’ve got? :)

I’m planning on moving (well going) to NY May 14th, maybe 15th. I am going to stay until the 30th looking for jobs and crashing on any couch I can. Then I will come back for Becca and Justin’s wedding and hopefully return to NY around June 4th to begin work and move into my apt. It’s up to me and God to work it out. I’m working on it.


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