Semi-Necessary Purchases

I have been to MAC 3 times in the last week, Sephora twice. First at MAC I bought 2 tubes of lipgloss. Nymphette (a pink with a gold tone that I already have but is almost gone) and Viva Glam VI (a more pink color). Then I went back the next day and bought 2 things of blush and a brown roll up eyeliner (the one I had had run out). The blushes are Sunbasque (a golden color I already had) and a pink shade, Peachykeen. Following that purchase I went to Sephora and bought a blush brush for the pink color. Today I went to MAC again and bought some Studio Fix powder and new bronzer since the one I have is nearly gone. When I lay out and tan I cover my face so that I don’t get wrinkles, so it’s something I need. Then I went back to Sephora to get 2 more new brushes. One I saw the other day, a short, fat, stiff bristled brush made for bronzer and a long powder brush that is black near where the bristles are all gathered and white on the end. I love makeup brushes! I am very excited about my new purchases!


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