Lent is Over

I haven’t really over indulged on anything. For Lent I gave up “junk food,” which I realize is different for everyone. In junk food I included eating out, with the exception of special occasions (Europe where I obviously couldn’t make my own food, but even there I tried to eat well). I mostly ate sandwiches, soup and fruit for 40 days. March 20th I reserved Athena for April 14th when we would go to Hut’s Hamburgers for dinner. The first Wednesday after Easter, 2 for 1 burger night. We had burgers and fries and water. Those fries were the first and only fried thing I’ve had since I’ve been able to eat them. For dessert we went to Amy’s where I had a small belgian chocolate with a reece’s in it. Other than that I’ve still been making my food and eating well. I haven’t had a soda yet. I’ve been eating chocolate every day though. I blame that on the fact that there is Easter candy sitting around at work. I want to continue to eat well though…and not so much eat out. I don’t have the money to spend on eating out when preparing my own food is so much cheaper…and so much better for me! Yesterday I was debating getting Marble Slab or a Coke on my break. I couldn’t decide which was less worse for me than the other, so I just didn’t get either.


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