Tuesday, April 17th. Mark this day in your calendars. I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice at work. To do what you ask? I have NO idea. As scary as that is to me it’s something I am going to do. May 1st will be my last day at work and this will give me enough time to get everything done at the end of the semester for my classes that I need to and do them all well. Plus, I really just can’t handle my boss anymore. The other day she got on to me for the way I so “ok.” Really?!? She got mad at me for having an associate check my purse when I left for break, but they check us out at night, so why can’t they during the day? I don’t understand. I will put in my 2 weeks, work them (if they don’t want me to they have to pay me anyway), have 2 days, turn in my nonprofit final project, go to Houston for a dentist appt, come back to Austin for Becca & Justin’s couple’s shower (except for I’m so not a couple), have 4 days work finish up portfolio stuff, critique, pack, move, fly to NY. I’m still working out the job thing, but God’s gotta take care of some of this stuff, I can’t do it all. I’ve been applying all over the place; someone’s going to have to want me.

So our assistant is also quitting around the same time as me. I’ve had 3 or 4 of our part timers tell me they’re planning to quit when Ashley and I do too. No one wants to work with our boss. I wonder how this is all going to end up going. Friday night I saw one of the other store managers out, the one Ashley and I used to work for actually, and he asked me when I was putting in my notice. He has known we’re both planning to quit. I told him Tuesday and he said, “yeah, but when?” I told him I didn’t know what time. Maybe 3ish. He said to let him know before I do it so that he can be prepared for my boss to call and freak out. Hah, great.


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