VT Shooting

So odd. Today I was sitting in class thinkning about how we’re in there from 8-11 every Monday and if anything catastrophic were to happen in the world in those 3 hours we would have no idea. It was a weird thought and I dismissed it as quickly as it came. After class I met a friend for lunch where I got a text message from another friend telling me 22 people had been killed at Virginia Tech and to be careful today. I was confused seeing as I’m not at Virginia Tech, but appreciative nonetheless for the consideration and thought. I just think it’s very weird how I had a thought like that at the same time as the incident was happening.

Shortly after I found out about the incident a friend who is in both of my classes today (and was fine this morning) called me, obviously crying. She said she may not make it to class and if she doesn’t she wanted me to take notes for her. I told her I would, didn’t pry, and that was it. I honestly hope everything is alright.


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