I am broke and the prospect of moving to the most expensive area in the country is freaking me out. In no way are these actions going to help my not be broke, but I just cancelled 2 of my “credit” cards. I have a Banana Republic card and a Dillard’s card, neither of which I have used since 2005. I keep meaning to cancel them, but hadn’t done it until today. Next up are my Vicki’s card and my Express card. I will cancel them once they are paid off. For Vicki’s, that will be next month. Express may have to wait until the end of the summer or fall. Regardless, I am still broke. I, however, don’t need these cards to contribute to my brokeness.

My first trip to NY will be paid for with Dad’s frequent flier miles. OPH keeps offering to buy it, but I just can’t let him. My second trip and one way flight will be paid for by me. My tax return will pay off my real credit card that has the remainder of my debt from Europe on it and Grandma and Grandpa’s graduation present (if they are as generous as they were when I graduate from undergrad) will pay my first month, last month and deposit on my NY apt. The furniture I sell before I move with pay for any other costs I have. I will have to wait until late summer when I am a bit more financially stable to buy furniture. Maybe the money Mom and Dad are trading me for my car will pay for that.

I just took the bridesmaid’s dress I am wearing in Becca’s wedding to the alterations place this morning. They said the alterations will be $80! That is ridiculous!! I should have gotten someone I know to do it. Too late now.

Anyway, I’m stressed in the money dept…but what person having a quarter-life crisis isn’t?


One response to “Monies

  1. Though I’m not having a quarter life crisis since I intend to live forever, I do relate. I know however you’ll be fine and hopefully the biggest issue you have to face will be the distance. Also, I might buy some of your furniture though I have no clue how I will get it up here, so maybe that will help with your financial problems. If you need any other kind of support or anything just let me know how I can help. I’m positive you’ll do great Mel.


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