Single…but not ready to mingle…

I spent last weekend in Dallas with one of my best friends and some of our friends from college. She is getting married in June and we had her friend’s shower and her bachelorette party. Her fiance had his bachelor party. Friday night we all got together at their house and just hung out like old times. I never have a bad time with that group. On the drive to Dallas I got so excited about seeing and hanging out with everyone again. I knew it would be amazingly fun drunken times! That night started with a Chickfila nugget tray and beer pong. Then we decided to go to the neighborhood bar, named with a neon sign simply, “BAR.” Classy.

First I had Alex and Joe, Justin’s two married/engaged groomsmen hitting on me. Then when they got too drunk to stand a guy named Kenny stepped in. He was hitting on Erica first and when she told him she was engaged he stopped, but Becca somehow got involved…told him she was also getting married and then she called me over. They introduced us, he bought us shots, we all got to talking. He looked 23 or so and had me guess his age. He then told me I was wrong, as was Becca who guessed 22 next. He told us 36, which we didn’t believe, so he got out his ID. I told him he is 8 years younger than my Dad. He eneded up telling us about his daughter (while he was trying to get my number) who is 20! 20!!! Then he proceeded to tell me I looked like her momma. Seriously?!? At that point I decided it was about time to go. He asked me if he could get my number first. I told him Becca had my phone (it was in her purse), which had NOTHING to do with him getting my number, but it sounded good at the time. He didn’t believe me, so I asked her if it was true. She said it was, went and got it, put his name in it, and gave it to him. He then put in his number and called himself. Then we left. Saturday I got a text from him which I left unanswered.

Saturday we had Becca’s shower then gave her the lingere we all got her after the shower but before dinner. We did dinner at Erica’s parent’s restaurant in Southlake: Johnny B’s…SO GOOD! Then we went to Pete’s Piano Bar in Ft. Worth, where Becca has wanted to have her bachelorette party for like 3 years now. We had a freaking blast. That place is so expensive though. I’m glad I got paid the day I went up there, I spent like $80 just there that night. We had a blast. The tables are super close together, so we ended up making “friends” with the guy Sarah was shoulder to shoulder with. He lives in Austin like the 2 of us, so we ended up talking about it. Then Sarah ended up trying to set me up with his friend who she thought was cute. She kept saying, “isn’t my friend cute? You should talk to her.” Then I think she gave him my number. Then Adam, the one from Austin asked for it. Seriously?!? Again, I was the single friend and they kept trying to pair me up. I think they also tried to give my number to one of the bouncers.

This week I have had to be a bitch and ignore phone calls from the guys they gave my number to this weekend. It’s weird being the only one left who’s not engaged or married. My guess is it’ll be that way for a while.


2 responses to “Single…but not ready to mingle…

  1. thats good..enjoy life while young and single..but dont stay single for too long..its nice to cuddle babies too..

  2. Yeah… get on the making of babies. You’ll never truly be a woman until you do.


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