Sunday funday…

So today I was supposed to work 2-7. My boss is supposed to open the store and close the store on the first and last Sunday of every month. She doesn’t. Tomorrow I have a test, Tuesday I pretty much have all my final critique stuff due, and Friday I have my final project for another class due. So, in the next 5 days I am essentially finishing my semester. For the most part. I don’t have time to go to work today. I know that for most people it’s a priority, but my job is mot my priority, my career is. My career will be started by this Masters that I am finishing, not this job that I have quit. I have been planning not to go in today, but I didn’t tell her that until this morning. Our assistant and the part timers working today knew though. She wants the night off, like she does every other night, so that she can (as her best friend puts it) “hang out with her man” (who she met online). She doesn’t work nights, she makes us do it, so I figure she can close. She can work the 8 hour Sunday shift alone like she makes us do.

I called this morning on my way to brunch with my parents. She freaked out on me and yelled at me and got pissed off. I thought her head might explode. She tried to put me down and make me feel like nothing. Guess what, you trying to make me feel like shit is going to make me want to come in even less; It makes me care even less. So she kind of freaked out on me and I was quiet and then I was just like, “well, sorry, I’m not coming in. Have a good day.” I should have sent her cookies. Haha. (Athena’s idea.) Whatever, I feel like I got a lot done today and it was better for me than to go work at a job I don’t care about and have already quit.


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