Today I said the first of many difficult goodbyes. This will be the last time I see a lot of these people. People say they’re going to come visit and I don’t doubt that they want to, but most of them will never make it up to see me. Life will get in the way. Today I had my going away bbq. Some of the people I expected to see didn’t make it out. I guess other things are just more important. So I guess I know where I stand. At the same time a lot of great people I really appreciate made it and I am so greatful for that. I love them all and really hope that we don’t lose touch. I had a good day. For almost 6 hours we sat, told stories, drank, ate, and talked. I’m going to miss my friends, and who knows, maybe I’ll miss Austin too.

This morning I took George to the airport. We talked and bullshitted all the way there and when we got there I just wanted to keep driving so she didn’t have to get out. I just wanted to keep talking. I’m going to miss her and all the random things we have in common. In another year I will be in New York and she will be in LA. We’ll have to fly across the country to see each other…and we will. When she got out of the car I had this wave of emotion as I realized I don’t know when I’m going to see her again. I’m going to miss late night chats, tv watching, shit talking, complaints, and a little homework with her. I’m going to miss her falling asleep on my couch. I just realized this morning how much I’m really going to miss her; we have so much in common and we have gotten pretty close this year. It made me sad. Tomorrow I am leaving town and I won’t be here to pick her up from the airport next week. It just really hit me this morning how hard this move could potentially be. I’ll be moving to a place where I am able to achieve my “dreams” and who knows, maybe find love (yes, I realize it’s unlike me to say that), but I’m leaving my best friends halfway across the country and I know that’s going to be very difficult. Stay tuned to find out how it goes.


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