Interviews: Day 1

So starting today and going until Friday I have 5 interviews. Todays was with SS+K, tomorrow I meet with Saatchi&Saatchi, a recruiter who wants me to work at Grey Worldwide, and Weiden+Kennedy. Friday I meet with Lowe. People all seem to have faith in me and think that these 5 interviews are enough, but I am afraid that they are not. I feel like I need more.

The one this afternoon went well I thought, for the most part. I met with a VP and then an account exec, both of whom I had good conversations with. They were both insightful and helpful and I enjoyed talking to them. I felt like they were impressed with me and that this interview might lead somewhere. Then the HR lady came in and was a bit of a buzz kill. She told me that they don’t have anything open, and if they don’t they don’t, but she told me she didn’t think she saw me there (this is right after the second person I spoke with told me I seemed to be a very good fit) and that she’d be happy to give me some other contacts if I just email her. I will take her up on those contacts, but bleh. She doesn’t think that a small agency is a good place to start and feels that I would be better suited at a large, structured agency. That’s not what I want. She seemed be be under the impression that I don’t know what I want and thought that a large agency would help guide me. I know what I want and that is planning, but I know there are very few junior level planning opportunities available, so I am open to account as well, because I feel like that will be a good place to start and continue to grow. I told her that, but it didn’t seem to matter, she continued to offer me other industry contacts. Again, I understand that if they don’t need anyone right now they don’t need anyone right now, but they told me they’re in the process of pitching some new business, so if they win that they will need someone. Hopefully that someone will be me. We’ll see. Maybe the way I got on with the other two will affect the overall decision.


2 responses to “Interviews: Day 1

  1. on HR lady: women will always be women with their sense of competition. listen to those who actually “rule” th place – they definitely know better whether you’ll fit. just an opinion

  2. I have faith in you and I know you will find a great job that will be the beginning of many open doors for you! I know you know what you want, but remember you have to run the race before you cross the finish line. Miss you!!

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