Subway endeavors

This morning I had an interview with Grey and after I took the 6 to Grand Central and was waiting for the 4/5. While I was I was listening to my iPod and reading a book. Neither activity was screaming “talk to me.” A guy who’d been on the same car as me on the 6 tapped me on the shoulder, so I took out an ear bud. He said, “sorry to interrupt you, but I just wanted to tell you you are the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.” He wanted to know if I’d like to go get coffee sometime. I said, thank you, I’m flattered, but I can’t.

Then when the train came as I was getting on a man stepped right in front of me. There was 1 seat open and of course, he took it which left my standing in my skirt and heels. Whatever. (This morning there were 4 guys standing around a seat that opened up and none of them sat down, they all just looked at me…so I sat down.) Anyway, I shot this guy a look that basically said, nice…ass. Then when someone next to him got up he moved over. I had been reading standing up, but sat and continued to read. After a minute he decided to start a conversation with me as well, so again I took out an ear bud. He told me his friend’s boat had the same name as my book, “Perfect Pitch.” Greeeeatttt. I care? Then he started to tell me about his boat and had a picture ready to show my on his blackberry. I think I was supposed to be impressed. Then he said something about everyone needs a 23 year old girl in their life. What?!? I think he was talking about his boat, but I just wanted to get back to my book.


2 responses to “Subway endeavors

  1. gosh, new york is more like my own city. looks like the size does matter…. if it’s about the populated areas.

  2. Well at least things aren’t boring there for ya.

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