A little about everything

Today I woke up, had to wait for the bathroom, showered, watched some tv, then went to get a money order and lunch. While I was walking I realized that I don’t have a job, I don’t have an apartment, I’ve been stood up by friends since I’ve been in the city on 4 occasions, and men here are disgusting. If you think I’m beautiful, great, I’m flattered, but I don’t care to know. So I had to get this money order, not for myself, but to pay my friend’s mom’s bill with my friend’s money. My friend’s mom’s $445 bill. That is something I will never understand. I can’t imagine my mom asking me to pay her bills. I talked to her about it a little and she said she’d get a second job first. I am so fortunate sometimes; not that she would get a second job, but for the family I was born in to.

So I spent the majority of the afternoon shopping for bedding. I know I want brown and white, but do I want brown and white with pink or brown and white with green? I can’t find ANY brown and pink, which is what I really want, but there is a lot of brown and blue, which really is very cute. I’d like to do brown and green and pink, but I think that would be too much going on. So, while I’m deciding on my colors I need to buy a bed, a night stand, a lamp, and a dresser. I want to put my bed frame on the plastic 6 inch or so stand things they make so I can fit plastic storage tubs under my bed.

Today I tried to get everything with the apt squared away. This endeavor has been so frustrating. Last Thursday the girl told me she should have my stuff processed by the end of the day and to contact her if I didn’t hear from her. I didn’t, so on Saturday, thinking an apartment management property would be open, I emailed her. I heard back Monday and it was her telling me something I already knew — she didn’t have my transcript. She said they wouldn’t touch it until they did. I proceeded to email my advisor because she originally told me they’d take a letter from the school. Since a school is a thing and doesn’t write letters I thought he might let them know I was a recent grad. He wrote me the note and I forwarded it. Wednesday morning about 9:30 she emailed me saying she would print it and let me know if it would work. I called about 1:30 when I hadn’t heard from her. She was out to lunch. At 4:15 I got an email saying she didn’t have my guarantor’s 1040. This I knew. We agreed when I saw her Thursday that she would call him and talk to him about that, he didn’t want to give it to me. I emailed her back and said only, you were supposed to call him last week. At 4:30 I called her. No answer. At 4:50 I called again; reception said she had left for the day. So frustrating! This morning I started calling about 9:15. At 9:45 with no answer and about 5 calls behind me I emailed. I told her I’d like to discuss everything with her and that if I didn’t hear from her I was going to come by. Very shortly she called me. First I asked if the letter would work, she said yes. I asked if she had called my guarantor. She said she had just left him a message. Well, he was out of town in meetings all day and couldn’t get her the papers today. I just want to get this all taken care of and out of the way so I can buy some furniture and get into my own place!!

Between Wednesday of last week and Tuesday I had 7 interviews. Some were promising, others were not. SS+K, Saatchi + Saatchi, a head hunter, Wieden + Kennedy, Lowe, and 2 different teams at Grey. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but sure hope I do. “They” say that for every 10 interviews you have you get 1 offer. I wonder A) how long an offer takes and B) if a MA makes a difference in that statistic. Maybe I’ll get an offer next week to start the first week of June. That would be perfect. I guess we’ll see what happens. Hopefully I can get some more interviews too. I’m working on it.

This morning a press conference was held where Bush talked about everything that’s going on right now. Sometimes I really question him and I’m not very happy with what’s going on in the world, but this morning he got me behind him again. He answered questions eloquently, and he was sensible. So he’s not the best public speaker, that doesn’t make him unintelligent. He and his team have thought things through and have a plan. Maybe people aren’t behind it, and there may be a lot of reasons for that, but when he said he was allowing his commanders to make decisions rather than politicians it made me smile. It makes sense for the people who are on the ground in the middle of the war to advise what happens concerning it, not politicians who are in comfy offices here in the US. I support Bush…still.


2 responses to “A little about everything

  1. Update this bizznatch. Hooker

  2. Hey sweetie. I know you are loving the city. I just hope you get on the internet soon so I can catch up with you. You’re right us guys are disgusting. From experience I know I try to tell every girl who walks on our lot how pretty she is. :P Hope to talk to you soon. Later chica.

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