Just leave me alone

Yesterday I was walking. Just walking. In front of me a bit on the sidewalk there was a guy. He turned his head around to look behind him and I guess I caught his interest. For a good 5 seconds he walked while looking at me, behind him. Then when he turned back around he slowed down. I knew he just wanted to get my in front of him, so I crossed the street. He turned around to see why I hadn’t passed him yet. He saw me crossing the street and crossed himself. I really considered crossing again. Anyway, I had my iPod in and acted like I didn’t know he was there. Then he put his arm out and said, “yo, miss,” and I just kept on. He did it a few times and finally sped up to where he was in my peripherial view. I couldn’t just keep ignoring him because he just wasn’t giving up, so I took out an ear bud and looked at him. He wanted to know my name and get my phone number. It was a bit of a conversation that I basically only rember the jist of. I wouldn’t give him my number. He asked why. I told him I have a boyfriend (lie). He said, “we can’t go out without your boyfriend knowing?” I laughed like, are you kidding me?? and said no. He told me I was playing games, I told him there were no games. It was stupid. He kept talking about games and I finally said, have a good day and he crossed back to the other side of the street. Who are these guys?!?


One response to “Just leave me alone

  1. Why don’t you just give him a fake number? Isn’t there like a rejection hotline number you can give it?

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